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Female Hair Transplant In Rawalpindi Islamabad

Women Hair Loss No More. Thanks to Female Hair Transplant In Rawalpindi

There are many factors like pregnancy, breastfeeding, heredity stress, and some illnesses and medication that lead to hair loss in females. Hair loss in women is especially very distressing and traumatic for them. Some women try over-the-counter treatments and others try different hair oils.  Such treatments mostly do not bear any fruit. If you are tired of receiving treatments that are not beneficial then a female hair transplant is for you.

It comes as a surprise to many people that females can also receive because it is normally assumed that only men get hair transplants but it is wrong.

Women hair loss is usually caused by aging, illness, or hormonal changes after menopause. Women experience a subtle thinning all over the scalp rather than losing hair in patches. Such women can benefit from the surgical option of a female hair transplant. Mini-grafts are usually the surgical treatment of choice for filling in thinning areas. Mini-grafts are harvested from the dense area of hair growth at the back of the head and replanted in thinning areas to create a fuller look.)

At CosmeSurge Aesthetic our expert plastic surgeons promise their patients satisfaction with their treatment and results.

Female Hair Transplant at CosmeSurge, Rawalpindi Islamabad.

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